Fruit of his work in two and a half decades, Grupo Folklorico Songbook Cantanhede, won an important place in the panorama of traditional Portuguese culture, which begins to overflow and is becoming ever more internationally.


The FOLK Cantanhede - International Folklore Week is an initiative that was launched by Songbook Cantanhede, in 2006, based on core values ​​of life, as is the "Peace" and "Joy" between peoples in a fraternal atmosphere that does not distinguishes races, ideologies and religions.

Projecting the city of Cantanhede in the country and the world, was another of the objectives pursued by the Executive FOLK Cantanhede, at present at birth, their application to CIOFF.

In this context, after two editions, the aims were achieved, according to the Technical Committee CIOFF Portugal. After conducting its third edition with equal success, receives in November 11, 2008 in Turkey, from the President of the International Certificate FESTIVAL CIOFF.

Thus in 2009 the flag was first CIOFF, hoisted in the City of Cantanhede.


The FOLK Cantanhede, characterized by taking the beauty of different cultures to all 19 parishes in the municipality shows shared with local associations, as well as providing animation social institutions in the county and still shows in neighboring counties.

The event lasting a week is composed of the following activities:

  •     International Parade c / Philharmonic Band

  •     Official opening ceremony c / anthems of countries, performed live.

  •     International Gala Opening on the Marquês de Marialva.

  •     Galas Parish - 14 shows w / 2 countries and local association.

  •     FOLK Expo - Photo Exhibition of previous events and or other.

  •     Nights Nations - Theme Shows at Plaza Marqês Marialva.

  •     Folk Art - Mini craft fair every late afternoon and evening.

  •     FOLK-Family Lunch in families (5/6 people from different countries)

  •     Folk Dance Workshop - Come learn the dances of the world

  •     FOLK Gastronomy - Dinner w / dishes from one of the countries.

  •     FOLK Tourism - Tours of Coimbra, Aveiro, Region and beaches.

  •     FOLK Exchange - General Meeting c / DVDs projection of each country.

  •     Parade of Nations - Shows last preceding Costume Gala.

  •     Gala Intern. Closing - National and International Groups

  •     Free day - The middle of the week w / beach, pick-nick and party socializing.


Cioff flag astear at

Cantanhede on 4th july 2009

Opinion of the CIOFF Portugal Association

Internacional Certificate of CIOFF

Made by FOLK Cantanhede

@ 2017

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FOLK Cantanhede - Semana Internacional de Folclore

Grupo Folclórico Cancioneiro de Cantanhede

Rua Cancioneiro de Cantanhede, 150

3060-135 Cantanhede - Portugal


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